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This recipe is Vegan friendly.

I'm writing this on my phone so there is not an option for photos. I will update when I'm around a computer.

I have been using this recipe for years. It was my Father's recipe..yet tweaked a bit over the years as it has never been written down.

I have had my medical Marijuana card and a license to grow in Canada for a few years now. If Marijuana is not legal where you are and you are not licensed then I do not recommend that you break the laws. Try smaller amounts to start.
A beginner should make this with about 1 ounce Marijuana and use approximately 1 teaspoon of finished product per serving.
Increase or decrease as needed.

This Coconut oil can be eaten as an edible by itself or as a butter/margerine/oil replacement in many different recipes.

*Sleeplessness (Indica)
*or Just for the giggles 

It can also be used as a topical massage oil for aches and pains due to many ailments.

*Muscle aches

Allow 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours after consuming or topical for effects to take place.
For topical(applied on skin) be a bit more generous, but be aware that you can become high from topical usages.


-Slow cooker

-Cheese Cloth


-Oven Mitts


-Small Jars(I bought mine from a dollar store) 


-1 to 4 ounces Marijuana 

-1.6 litres Coconut Oil

-1.6 litres Water

For years I have toyed with my recipe. Always ending with a slightly new result, perfecting it as I go. As I learn to perfect it.


Part 1:

Put your Coconut oil and water into your slowcooker on low heat. Let the oil melt. Try not to allow it to boil.

Part 2:
Break up your dry Marijuana. I use 1 to 4 ounces, depending on how strong I want my oil to turn out. 
Cut your cheesecloth into generous squares(double it up). Place your Marijuana into the cheesecloth squares and wrap it into a ball. Tie the end with a piece of cheese cloth. Making 'teabags'.
You can toss the Marijuana right into the oil/water but it will be alot more work to strain and separate the leaves later.

NOTE: You can make it stronger using more Marijuana. If it turns out too strong you can simply add more Coconut oil later.

Part 3:

Toss your *teabags* into the oil/water mixture in your slowcooker. Allow to cook for hours. I usually set mine to 6 hours to start.
Watch it.
Stirring occasionally. 
If it starts to boil turn heat off or remove lid to allow cooling. You can cook at low heat for 6 to 12 hours. You can easily allow to cool awhile then warm it up again.

Part 4:

Allow mixture to cool to touch(still warm). Remove your *teabags* from mixture. Squeeze the oil from them(using gloves if you don't wish to get high). I rinse the teabags after with just boiling water(just enough to soak the excess oil from the teabags), squeezing the remaining oil out. I then add the water to the slow cooker.

Part 5:

Put the slower cooker full of mixture in a cool, dry place with the lid on top. Allow oil to separate from the water and become solid.

Part 6:

Pull the solid chunk of oil out. Set aside in another dish. Discard the water. I personally would not use the water for anything other than fertilizer. 

Part 7:

Clean the slow cooker.
Then put the thc oil back in. Turn it to low, only allowing the mixture to melt again.

I then pour the mixture into my jars using my measuring cup or a soup spoon. Place lids on jars.

Part 8:

Place the Jars of oil in a cool, dry place. Allow oil to harden. It should appear to be light green in color.
Label your jars with:

*Warning THC
*Adults only(Not for children)
*Thc Coconut Oil

This recipe can be used for pain remedies,  medicinal, gifts for adults that also use medicinal Marijuana products.
Dress up the jars. Labels. 
Make your favorite delicious edibles by swapping Marijuana, butter, or oil with your thc coconut oil mixture.

Keep away from children and animals! 

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