Saturday 23 November 2013

Reuse Upcycled Headless Barbie Doll Mannequin Free Idea by Niftynnifer

Has your Doll lost her head? That happens far too often in my opinion, sending far too many Dolls to the dumps! 

Check it out!! I Made my own Barbie Mannequin!

A Headless Doll.
A piece of left over trim big enough to support the doll.
A dowel cut to size. Dowel must be thin enough to fit between dolls legs, yet strong enough to support her.
A drill and bit the same size as the dowel. Please have an adult do the drilling, and please be very carefull!!

Drill a Hole in the center of the piece of trim. But do not go all the way through the wood.

Drill a hole in center, between Dolls legs.
 Place the Dowel into the hole in doll.
Place other end of Dowel into hole in trim.
Dress her up gorgeous. Put her on display! Great photo Prop.
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