Sunday 11 May 2014

Repurposed & Reused! Solar Powered Glass Garden Mushroom By Niftynnifer

My Solar Powered Mushroom is made completely out of items I already had around my home....And It's Beautiful!!

I spend allot of time in my backyard, in my gardens. I bring my crafting ideas outside with me. My gardens/yard are done mostly with repurposed Items.

Adult Supervision is recommended for hot glue and epoxy use!

I Used:
1: A Broken Solar Powered Light.(It must still have the light, and be in working condition).
2: An old, used, glass light fixture.
3: An old glass vase
4: 2 Part Epoxy
5: Hot glue & Gun (Not shown in this picture.)

1:Start by cleaning the vase, fixture and solar light bottom. (Especially where the glue will go).

2: Using the 2 part epoxy, I glued the inner center of the fixture to the top of the vase. There should be a hole left in the top, center, that goes all the way into the vase.

3: Set aside & allow epoxy to dry at least 24 hours. Allow to dry 7-10 days before getting wet or washing.

4: Attach solar powered light with hot glue.
Notes: Be sure to center the light so the bulb goes down into the center hole in the top of the mushroom.
I used hot glue because, unlike epoxy, it can be later removed to allow for battery changes in the solar light!

I Love the way this looks in my garden!
I  packed mulch around the base to hold it up more sturdier because of the thinness of the vase. I feel it could tip over and get broken. I plan to Epoxy the base of the mushroom to a piece of wood, stone, or other idea to help support it.

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