Monday 30 June 2014

Free Crochet Pattern ~ Cute Red Dragon Shawl ~ By Niftynnifer

This lovely shawl is sure to keep a special girl's shoulders warm, while sharing another beautiful stitch with the world. 

I used:
Patons Astra, Light 3, Colour is 'High Energy'.(3+ balls)
5.5 MM hook.


Approximately 5 'Scales' = 10 inches.
Approximately 8 Rows = 10 inches.

Special Abbreviations:
dc...double crochet
Vst...dc, ch 1, dc
yo...yarn over
sc....single crochet
ss....slip stitch

Row 1: Part 1
Ch 3, Dc in beg ch.

Row 1: Part 2
Turn left. 6 dc over last dc post made(from top to bottom). Ch 1. 6 dc over beg ch 3 post (from bottom to top). See photos.

Row 2: Part 1
Working along 'top of scale', ch 4, dc in same st. Ch 4. Vst in last st.

Row 2: Part 2
Turn left. 6 dc over last dc post made(from top to bottom). *Ch 1. 6 dc over next dc post (from bottom to top). Ss in next ch 4 sp. 6 dc over next dc post (from top to bottom).* Repeat from * to * across.

Row 3:
Ch 4, dc in same st. *Ch 4.  Vst between next 2 'scales'.* Repeat from * to * across, placing vst in top left of last scale.

Rows 3: Part 2 - Row 18: Part 2
Repeat Rows 2: Part 2 & Row 3 alternating. Do not fasten off.

Top Border:
Ch 1, turn. Evenly sc along top of shawl. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Adding Tassells:(If desired)

Start by cutting 140 yarn pieces at approximately 4 inches each.

Take 4 pieces of yarn evenly together. Fold in half. Draw centre through (from front to back) bottom of an outside 'scale'(scale at beg and end of ea row). Use hook to hook 'ends'.

Pull ends through loop. Adjust, and pull loop tighter.

Repeat down both sides.

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