Wednesday 1 April 2015

Free Crochet Pattern ~Dolly's Spring Time Skirt

Free Crochet Pattern ~Doll Skirt

Doll Size (for generic 18 inch dolls, like American Girl or similar). 

Crochet thread ~Bernat Handicrafter. Size 5. (Lace 0)
in colour; 'Orchid' or 'Iris'.
3.75 mm hook.
2 Buttons. Approximately 1/2 inch in size.
Round Markers.

Ea = Each.
Ch(s) = Chain(s).
Ss = Slip Stitch.

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Picot = Ch 5, ss in ch 3, ch 2.
Hdc = Half Double Crochet.
St(s) = Stitch(es).
Beg = Beginning.
Dc = Double Crochet.
Sc = Single Crochet.
Sp(s) = Space(s).
Prev = Previous.
Mnr = Mark new row/round.
Sk = Skip.
Vst = (Dc, ch 1, dc)all in same st.
Shell = (Dc, Vst, dc)all in same st.

Approximately 15 sts = 3 inches
Approximately 10 rows = 3 inches

Free Crochet Pattern ~Doll Skirt

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First ch's in ea row do not count as first st.


Starting at waist
Row 1:
Ch 50. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and ea ch across.(48sts)
Rows 2-5:
Ch 2.Turn. Hdc in ea st across.(48sts)
At end of row 5, ss into beg hdc to join (forming a circle).
Round 6: Right side (I found it helpful to mark this side.)
Ch 2. Do not turn. Hdc in between beg &last st in row 5 (bottom of opening). Hdc in ea st around.(49sts) Ss in ch 2 to join.
Round 7:
Ch 2. Do not turn. Hdc in same st. 2 hdc in ea st around. (97sts) Ss in ch 2 to join.
Rounds 8-15:
Ch 3. Dc in ea st around. Ss in ch 3 to join. (97sts)
Round 16:
Ch 3, 2 dc in same sp. 3 dc in ea sp(between ea dc from prev. row) across. (97X3+2) Ss in ch 3 to join.
Round 17:
Ch 1.  Sc in same st(mnr). Ch 5. Ss in ch 3 of 5. Ch 2. Sk next st. Sc in next st. Working in ea 3dc cluster across. *Sc in first dc, picot, sk next dc, sc in next dc.* Repeat form * to * around. (98 picots). Ss to join in beg sc to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Free Crochet Pattern ~Doll Skirt

Ss in bottom st of opening. Ch 1.  Now working along left side of opening. Work 4 Sc in side (approximately half way to top). Ch 3. Turn. Ss in 2nd sc made. Turn. Ss in ea of 3 chs. Sc in next 5 sts(along left side again). Ch 3. Turn. Ss in 3rd sc made. Turn. Ss in ea of 3 chs. Evenly sc in ea st along top of skirt. 2 sc in corner. Now working down right side of opening. Evenly sc in side of ea row to bottom of opening. Fasten off and weave in end. Lap left side of opening over right side. Sew buttons on right side of opening, even with button holes.

Free Crochet Pattern ~Doll Skirt

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