Sunday 4 February 2018

Easy Pillow Boxes

We Used:
Paper Rolls.
Glue (I used hot glue).
Coloured paper or construction paper.
Googly eyes.


Fold in one side of the tube.
Flip tube over and fold the other side in the same way.

Cut a piece of paper to evenly fit around your tube.
Wrap the paper around the tube. Glue one end to the back of your tube. Lap the other end of the paper over the glued edge. Glue in place.

Add your stickers. Glue on your googly eyes or buttons.
For the owl we simply cut out wings, beak and eyes from coloured paper.

Open one end of your box to insert your candy or gift.

Make sure your ribbon is cut long enough to fit around your box. Tie the ribbon around the box to finish.

Here's a pillow box we made for Valentine's Day!

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