Thursday 1 August 2013

How to start a Crochet Rag Rug Free Pattern

Old Sheets or t-shirts or material (Rags).
Scissors (to cut materials).
8 or 9 MM Crochet Hook size.

Sc...Single crochet

 Cut or Rip your old sheet into long 1 - 2 inch strips. Roll into a large ball (Like you would a ball of yarn!)

 Make a Slip knot

Ch 1, Place approx. 8 - 12 sc in slip knot. Sc to join.

For Round 2: Sc in same st. 2 sc in ea st around.

Now continue to place sc in ea st around, and around. Increase and decrease as needed!

To increase ....Ch 1(Pictured above), Sc in next st.

To decrease...Skip next st, sc in next st. (Pictured above).

  1. Try to keep track of new rounds (you can mark them if you wish..but I don't bother).
  2. Sc in ea st around after rounds 2 or 3 should be good, while increasing(or decreasing) as needed. (Especially with stretchier t-shirt rags).
  3. Try to go one full round with each material. (Different thicknesses and stretchiness can alter shape).
  4. Go with ''What feels right''! If you find it curling too much or "bumping up" in a side (and it wont stay down if pushed flat, decrease a few stitches, If you find it turning in instead of get rounder, increase sts.
  5. This is WAY EASIER than it looks! If you can crochet, you can do this!
  6. Amount of rags needed depends on size of rug you are making!

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