Monday 28 July 2014

Birthday Princess Wand ~Repurposed Wooden Spoon

Every little girl loves to be a princess. Today I caught my little princess waving around my old wooden spoon, pretending it was a magic princess wand. An amazing, wonderful craft idea Popped into my head! Now it was time to do a fun craft together!

We began our craft project by preparing a clean area to work. Then we collected all the items we wanted to use.

We Used:
Old wooden spoon
Eye hook
Organza (or tulle)
Small pompoms 
Shiny fabric stars
Paint & Paint brush
Hot glue & gun

I carefully screwed the eye hook into the centre top of the spoon.

I was able to sit back and watch for a quiet, peaceful moment, as my 5 year old princess painted the spoon in her chosen colours. I painted the swirl around the handle as she requested. 
Allow paint to dry!

To add the organza and ribbon I simply picked them up, all at once, by their centers (forming a sort of loop), pull the center (loop) through the eye hook, and then pull the ribbon/organza ends through the loop. Pull ends to fasten.

Using hot glue, we carfully attached the stars and pom poms. 

My Little princess has gone from dancing circles in my kitchen, to having the beautiful wand from her very own imagination.

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