Monday 1 September 2014

Craft ~Easy Keychain Tassel

Check out this super cute key chain tassel I just made! It looks great with my dresser key. I made this with very little supplies and stuff I had lying around the home. Below I will list the items I used and a tutorial on how I made it, so you all can make your own. Use them to mark your water bottle, keys, back pack and much much more!

I used:
Loopdedoo 8m  Cotton Thread. (As seen in photo, label removed)
Key ring
Broken off piece off chain from an old necklace
2 tiny elastics

Cut one end of the thread as seen in photo.

Attach an elastic approximately 2 inches up one side of thread.

Braid from the elastic toward the other side of the thread, ending with approximately the same length of thread left un braided as the first end. Fasten with other elastic.

Braiding .... Divide your thread into 3 sections. *Wrap the right side over the centre section. The right side now becomes the centre piece. Now wrap the left section over the new centre. Now the left side becomes the new centre. * Repeat from * to * until you reach desired length of braid.

Slip your chain(jump ring..) onto the braided piece. Fold elastic ends together and secure by slipping one end into the other ends elastic.

I chose the longest piece of loose thread. Thread onto needle. Wrap the thread around the elastics to hide them. Then secure by 'sewing' the thread into the braid neatly. 

Trim ends to same length.

Then I just added my dresser key and voila!
I love it!

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