Thursday 16 October 2014

Halloween Costume Idea ~Zombie Lego Man

Halloween Costume Idea ~Zombie Lego Man
Most boys and girls love Lego!
One of my sons asked to be a Lego man for Halloween. He is a huge fan, and has built many sets. His collection is wonderful for an 11 year old boy, with almost every piece in it's place.
So I decided with his age, he has very few years left to enjoy 'trick or treating'. I don't know if I captured the whole Lego Zombie Apocalypse thyme, but I sure tried and my sons smile was all that mattered in the end.

Halloween Costume Idea ~Zombie Lego Man

We Used:
Cardboard Box
Cheese Ball Bucket, that will fit the child's head.
Strong Scissors
Razor Blade
Spray paint
Permanent marker
Duct Tape

Adult Supervision always required for sharp objects and spray paints, ex.

Halloween Costume Idea ~Zombie Lego Man

The top of the bucket is open where the lid hole is(for more air flow). We cut the bottom out of the bucket to fit his head through. We put the bucket over his head and marked the spots for eyes and mouth. We removed the bucket.

I then cut holes for the eyes and mouth for breathing.
I found the box that would fit his torso, and cut out the bottom for his legs, side arm holes and a hole for his head.

I then spray painted the head yellow and the body blue.

After it dried completely I drew on the features with permanent markers. 

We will add some more features Halloween day.

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