Thursday 9 October 2014

Halloween Costume Idea ~Repurposed Dress/Snow Queen

My little Princess wants to be a snow queen for Halloween, so today I got creative. I dug out the flower girl dress she wore to my wedding and decided to repupose it....

I removed the flowers, leaves, ex. from the dress.
I hot glued on clear gems, and some silver snowflakes that I had cut off an extra piece of Christmas garland. 

For Halloween I will add face/body paint, sparkles and/or gems to her visible skin.

The feathery, sparkly crown is made up of a thick white fabric(almost like leather) doubled up and hot glued to make it thicker). I hot glued white feathers to cover the white material.
I glued on clear faux diamonds and a beautiful snowflake button.
I poked holes in both sides of the crown and strung organza strips through long enough to be tied in a bow behind her head.

The bright blue veil is made from organza(tulle) I had laying around from past projects, a hair pin(comb style) and Christmas garland from my decoration stash. All put together with hot glue.

I may yet add a shawl to keep her shoulders warmer.

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