Monday 21 September 2015

Mother/Daughter Button Topiary #Buttons #Topiary #Craft

This beautiful Button Topiary is a great addition to my daughter's bedroom. She even helped make it. 
Of course, I handled the hot glue gun, as I recommend all parents to do for safety reasons. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
Have you ever ripped apart your craft supplies just to see what you have so you can decide what to make? Here's my little princess picking out some supplies to make a craft. She just had to use these Styrofoam balls. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft

This was not my first topiary. Now I've made them using flowers (fake and tissue), but this was a first for using buttons. The buttons were of course chosen by my princess.

Tools We Used:
~5 inch Styrofoam balls X2
~Small Plant Pot that comfortably fits a Styrofoam ball.
~Wooden Dowel Approximately 6 inches (doesn't have to be exactly 6 inches!)
~Hot Glue & Glue Gun (Adult supervision/use only!)
~Buttons (lots!)
~Small amount of ribbon
~Gems or other decoration(optional).

Instructions: #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
Start by hot gluing the first Styrofoam ball into the bottom of the pot. 
Notice the new glue gun. My pink one broke down while starting this project. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
I stuffed some tissue around the Styrofoam ball to fill in the gap. 
Push one end of the wooden dowel down into the centre of the ball. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
My princess and I worked together to start attaching the buttons with hot glue. I added small amounts to each button, then she placed the button onto her topiary, being very careful of the hot glue.
Be sure to cover all the Styrofoam and tissue with buttons. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
After completing the bottom, push the top Styrofoam ball onto the other side of the wooden dowel. Be careful not to push through to other side. 
Then it's time to start hot gluing the buttons to the top ball. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft
Once the buttons are all glued in place, attach a piece of ribbon to the dowel. A simple bow will do just fine.

This beautiful mother/daughter project is a great addition to my daughter's bedroom and looks fantastic. Crafts are so fun and a great way to spend quality time with your children. #Buttons #Topiary #Craft

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