Sunday 11 October 2015

Old Slate Make Over ~3 Piece Comic Smash!
Do you just happen to have a pile of old slate shingles just laying around? I know I do. 
I have just recently begun transforming old slate into fancy decor for my yard and home. 

I am a sucker for comic books. I have children, so not all my comics are in mint condition. I decided to put those ripped, torn and almost dead comic books to some good use. Reusing these pages feels so much better than just recycling them.

Here is the list of tools I used for this project:
~Soap & Water (for cleaning the slate).
~Exacto Knife. Adults Only Please.
~Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish (F) Fluid Medium.
~Paintbrush or Applicator for the Liquitex. (I only had a paintbrush on hand).
~Old Comic Book.
~Screws & Washers(for hanging).

Thoroughly clean your slates surface. 
Allow it to dry completely!
Adults Only Please 
~For Safety Reasons~
Using your Exacto knife, cut out your desired comic pieces.
You can also just cut the pages out neatly.
Using your brush or applicator, apply some Liquitex to the slate surface. Do not 'over do it' or colour may run. Place your comic pieces onto the wet surface in desired location. Try to make sure there are not many air bubbles between the slate and your paper.

Allow your project to dry for at least 24 hours. I put mine outside to dry on a very warm day.

Once dry. Apply another coat of Liquitex to entire project. 
Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

Make 3 if you want a set similar to mine.

Using screws and washers and existing holes (my slate each have 2 holes perfect for hanging) hang your project. Do not 'over tighten your screws' so you don't crack your slate.

If comics are not your preferred choice of home decor, that's okay!
The ideas for this project are endless.

You could use old magazines. 
Cars, flowers, hockey or shoes.

Anything your heart desires. 

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