Tuesday 11 March 2014

Crochet Crazy Fun Hat Yarn Make Over Free Idea By Niftynnifer


My 5 year old daughter asked me for a ''Yarn Make Over''.....and this is what we came up with...

I started by crocheting a size 6-10 year hdc beanie.
    Click Here For Free Hdc Beanie Pattern

I added some easy ears...

Pull the midsection of the yarn pieces(about 2 at a
time) under a st., then pull the ends through the loop.

Then I added random hair pieces and braids...
I used:
Patons Canadiana in beige, pink, purple
Some Furry yarn scraps
Tiny clear elastics to hold the braid ends.

My daughter helped decorate her wig!
We used:
Hot Glue
Pom poms
Various buttons
A big jewelled barrette

I reshaped the ears using hot glue.

She wants make up!  Ohhh grumpy face..she's too cute!!

She calls it her ''Crazy Hat''...

Mommy Please.................

I love these colors!

Simple and precious...A little porcelain doll!

Like the dress? It's on my blog as a FREE Pattern!

                Click Here for dress.

Like the matching leggings??.....

                 Click Here for Leggings.

She reminds me of the Coming Spring Season....
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