Thursday 27 March 2014

Use Your Yarn Ends For Business Card Ties By Niftynnifer

I really love using up my yarn ends. I go through so many! So why not use them for my business cards too! I use my ends for so many things...They very seldom see the trash...

Tools I used:

~My business cards.
~Yarn ends just long enough to use as ties.
~A hole puncher.
~Some cute flower embellishment stickers(From Dollarama).
~A finished project I will gift or sell locally.

Using the hole puncher, punch a hole in the card.
Try to place the hole in a spot free of lettering. (You want your customers to be able to read the whole card).

Slip the yarn end through the hole. Tie the ends of the yarn piece together, making a loop large enough to stretch the longest length of the card (Otherwise you will have to bend that beautiful card).

Add the embellishment(Optional). I just thought these were the cutest. Add more character to the card itself.

Attach to project using lark's knot. Insert knotted end of yarn in project around a st, and back out, so loop is on outside of project, take the card and stretch the loop over it, Gently tighten. This method of tying is also easily undone. Removal of the card from the project is easy and no damage is done to the project..or card!

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