Friday 28 March 2014

Free Crochet Pattern ~Funky Flower Motif Crochet Pattern

For a better understanding of my Crochet Patterns, please refer to my-special-crochet-abbreviations.

I used:
4.5 MM Hook
Yellow (Patons Canadiana 4 Medium)
Blue(Patons Canadiana 4 Medium)

Using  yellow (Patons Canadiana 4 Medium)
Round 1:
Loosely Ch 3, 11 dc in 3rd ch from hook.(11dc)
Rounds 2&3:
Ss to join.(mnr) 11 dc in same ch as previous 11 dc. (11dc)
Round 4:
Ss to join blue(Patons Canadiana 4 Medium). Tie off yellow. Ch  8. Turn. Ss in same st. * ss in next st, ch 8, ss in same st.* Repeat from * to * 10 more times. (Fasten off.)

Round 1:
Ss into back of flower to join Blue. Ch 1, work 12 sc around.(12sc)
Round 2:
Ss to join.(mnr). Ch 4, dc in same st. *Sk next st, Vst in next st.*  Repeat from * to * 4 Times.(6 Vsts)
Round 3:
Ss into ch 3 of beg ch 4. Ch 3. Turn. *Ss into bottom of next vst. 5 dc up right side of next Vst post, ch 1, 5 dc down left side vst post, sk next vst*  Repeat from * to * 3 Times.(3clusters)
Round 4: 
Ss into bottom of first pedal(of previous round).  Ch 3. Ss into back of same pedal. *5 dc up right side of next Vst post, ch 1, 5 dc down left side of  vst post. Ss into back of next pedal(of previous round, top of vst)Repeat from * to * 3 Times.(3clusters)

Makes a great pencil topper!

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