Friday 25 April 2014

I have recieved an Award!

I received the Liebster Award from an awesome blogger and 
crafter, Joanita Theron from Creative Crochet 
Workshop. Thank you very much! *Giggles with excitement*.

The Liebster Award nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 readers, although this seems to be a flexible requirement.  The Liebster Award Bloggers answers 11 questions given to them by their nominator.  Then we pay it forward and each nominee does a post and nominates 11 bloggers with their own 11 questions.

11 Questions from Creative Crochet Workshop

1.      If you were stranded on an island what are the 3 things you would like to have with you? ~People (It would suck to be alone.) A Knife, and I want to say my craft supplies too, to keep me sane and it can be very functional too.
2.      If you had to choose between a pair of knitting needles and a pair of crochet hooks to defend yourself against aliens invading earth which would you prefer? ~Knitting needles..They're way pointier..But what if they have come to give me super powers?

3.      Your favourite yarn to craft with? ~Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread. (3 & 10).

4.      Your favourite book to read in between crafting? ~I just finished the ''Fifty Shades Trilogy''.

5.      Your favourite snack to eat while crafting? ~Popcorn....But usually Coffee....

6.      If you had to choose between spending a Sunday afternoon crafting or rock climbing which would you choose? ~Rock Climbing.
(If you chose rock climbing - please, please explain why!) ~I have never tried it before...Could be a lot of fun. It may cure my fear of falling...

7.      You are strolling peacefully on the beach with your craft bag, when suddenly you see a man buried to his head in the sand asking for help, you rummage in your bag and pull out the following - a ball of yarn, a knitting needle and a pair of a scissors - which one would you use to help and why? ~First I would wonder why he was buried to his neck in sand?...and then I would take out my trusty yarn, tie it to him and just pull him out (After all, the Aliens gave me super powers.. :)

8.      What is your favourite colour to craft with? ~I love Pinks and Reds, but I am a fan of the rainbow.

9.      Have you ever made something for a pet? What kind of pet and what did you make? ~I made a Crochet Barrel Bag for my St. Bernard's Neck.

10.  What is your favourite Social media? (Facebook/Google Plus, etc) ~I am most familiar with facebook, but I am starting to get used to Google +, and others.
11.  Name 3 things you don't like about yourself and then 3 things you do. ~Dislikes: #1: My Big Feet (It's so hard to find nice heels in my size). #2: My bad eyesight (Astigmatism). #3: ?  Likes: #1: My creativity/artistic qualities. #2: My Teeth. #3: My 'Green Thumb'.(Gardening).

My 11 Nominees for the Liebster Award:

After searching all evening I found 11 fantastic blogs. All share their own Crochet abilities, Creativity, Photos, Tutorials & Crafts/Ideas. Most even share Free patterns! They all have their own unique creativity styles I know you will love!

11 Questions for the Nominees:

1.   What do you like to do while crocheting? (Movies, TV series).    
2.   If you could travel to another planet, would you? 
3.   Which planet would choose to go to, and why?
4.   If someone interupts you while you are counting, how do you answer them? 
5.  What is your favorite item to make?
6.   What is your favorite shop to buy Yarn from?
7.   If you could choose 2 new crafts to learn today, what would they be? 
8.   How long have you been Blogging & Crafting/Crocheting?   
9.   If you were given a super power, what super power would you choose?  
10. What do you prefer to drink while crafting?
11. You run out of yarn and have no money to buy more for 3 weeks! What will you do??

Nominees:  Be sure to tag each of the 
bloggers you nominate as well as me 
in your post.  Go to each of their
blogs and leave a comment that you 
have nominated them.
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