Saturday 5 April 2014

Styrofoam Mannequin Royal Flower Make Over Decopauge Craft Idea By Niftynnifer

I gave my Styrofoam mannequin head a Royal Flower Make Over!

I used:
An old flower catalogue
(Or your choice of magazine..or book...).
Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish 
(You could use Mod Podge if preferred).
A Paint brush.
A Styrofoam mannequin head (Purchased from Ebay for under $8).
I used my long double sided crochet hook and my hook stand.
(You may have to find your own way to prop it up for drying).
Alot of time and patience.

Here is your first test in patience! The cutting of the flowers! (Or whatever theme you went with). Cutting along the outline of the flower looks much cleaner and professional than cutting random full photos out. You will need lots of flowers! It took me hours and hours to cut mine out....patience...
Using the Liquitex and my paint brush I 'painted' on the Liquitex where I planned to place each flower. Using one flower at a time. After I placed the flower, I painted a thin coat of Liquitex over the flower. Some flowers I 'half painted' on, so that I could place flowers slightly under or over as I went.

Here's where I ran out of flowers. I had also decided to start my base with full pictures, and with flowers cut with more detail to cover the 'line's'. 

So I had to cut MORE flowers....test of my patience......

I took my super long double sided crochet hook, shoved it in the bottom of the head. I was then able to hold the head while working on the bottom. After I finished the bottom, I placed the hook into my hook holder. Great place to let it dry.

Yet another test of your patience...
I let it dry for around 3 hours. 

Then I applied another coat of Liquitex.
Then I allowed it to dry another 3 hours, and added another coat! Those flowers are not going anywhere!!

Allow to dry thouroughly for a few days before using!

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