Thursday 25 July 2013

Baby Shower Games

Take a large tray, place random baby items on the soothers, facecloth, diaper, bottle, onsie. The list can go on.
Give each lady a piece of paper and a pen. 
Bring out the tray, give the ladies a good 35 or 45 seconds to look at the contents on the tray.
Take the tray away. Ask the ladies to write down everything they saw on the tray. They have 2 minutes!
The winner is the lady that remembers and writes down the most things that are on the tray.

Diaper The Baby.
Divide guests into teams. Teams choose a leader.
Surprise! The Leader gets to wear a diaper!
Give each group a roll of toilet paper. They must now work as a group to put a diaper on their leader with the TOILET PAPER!
The winner is chosen by the mommy ...Pick the best diaper job! haha
When I had to do this my partners put chili on the back of my looked like i oopsied! We should have won! hahaha It was very funny at the time!

Who knows mommy best.
Prepare a list of 15 questions about Mommy, and get the answers from her!
Give each lady a piece of paper numbered 1 - 15. And a pen.
Read them each question. Give them about 30 seconds between each question.
The winner is the guest with the most correct answers.
Example questions:
1: Mommy's eye color.
2: Her favorite brand of make up.
3: Her favorite perfume.
4: Her favorite color.
5: Her favorite movie.
6: Her favorite book.
7: Her favorite song.
8: Baby's Due date.
9: Baby's name.
10: Baby's Middle Name.
11: Mother's birth weight.
12: Baby's birth weight.
13: Food she craved.
14: Mommy's favorite food.
15: How many tattoo s does mommy have?

Guess The Belly Size.
Give each guest some yarn (or ribbon).
Ask them to each cut a piece to the size of 'mommy's belly.
Then have 'mommy' cut a piece the accual size of her belly.
The winner is the guest with their yarn the closest to the 'mommy's piece.

Poopy Diaper.
Take some time to prepare. Take a diaper, open it up and add some melted chocolate!! Roll it up like a poopy diaper! Set aside. 
Get a basket. 
Give each guest a diaper, and have them open it up and roll it up like a dirty diaper, and drop it in your basket. 
Take the basket in the other room. 
Take out one diaper, and replace it with your chocolate pooped diaper!
 Bring the basket of diapers back out. Tell them you have mixed these diapers up and each guest is to open another persons diaper. 
Winner Finds the chocolate poop!

Guessing Game.
Fill a pretty jar or vase full of safety pins or cotton swabs or Cotton balls.
Have the guest each write down their guess at how many are in the jar/vase.
Winner gets to keep the lovely jar/vase full of pins or swabs.

Rice and pins
You need, rice, safety pins...make sure they are all CLOSED, a bowl and a blindfold.
Take 2 or 3 cups of rice and put it in a bowl. Add a bunch of small safety pins.
Blind fold a guest  and have her feel and find safety pins, take them out and set them aside. 
Give her 1 minute!
Count her pins , write down the number, and then mix them back into the rice.
Give the next guest the blindfold..and then the rice. 
Winner found the most pins!

Cotton ball spooning.
You need: 2 big bowls, cotton balls, a wooded spoon and a blindfold! 
Place cotton balls into a bowl.
Give a guest the bowl of cotton balls, the wooden spoon and have her put the blindfold on. 
Have her ''spoon'' out the cotton balls from one bowl to the other. As many as she can in 1 minute! Blindfolded!
After her minute, count her cotton balls in the new bowl. Write it down! Then put the balls back in the first bowl.
Give the next guest the blindfold and supplies and repeat!
Winner spooned the most cotton balls!

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