Friday 12 July 2013

How to Propagate Magnolias

Here is my survivor of 4 starters. 
Seedlings can take up to 20 YEARS to flower!! Magnolias are slow growers.

My advice is to take at least 4 or more cuttings of a Mother Magnolia Plant right after she flowers.(Late to early spring). Magnolias are prone to rot and disease and very hard to propagate. Chances of a survivor are slim!...Take cuttings from
a Mother(with permission from owner of the plant of course) from the back of the plant. Take several cuttings. Be sure the wood(stem) is still flexible(bendy). Place ends directly into a moist paper towel inside a plastic bag until you get home.

Prepare your pots with good potting soil. place pots of soil in a larger dish.(larger dish will hold water for watering). Water into large dish. Once soil in pots is wet, drain  access water from larger dish. poke holes into center of each pots soil. 

Remove most leaves from stems. Leave a few at top. Dip ends into 'stimroot' to help with rooting(or attempt without) and place carefully into holes in potting soil in pots..Keep in regulated weather. I find an air conditioned room is bad! an non air conditioned window in summer is great! You will loose most of your cuttings! I had 1 of 4 cuttings survive. Keep the cuttings watered, but not soaked! or they will get rot! The one pictured has begun to root. It has new leaves started!(new leaves is a great sign!) It is from a beautiful Pink Magnolia Bush. 

Watch your babies, give them a chance! If you think they are dead, give them an extra week or two..just in case! You never know!

Got little bugs? Add a drop or 2 of dishsoap and water to a spray bottle..spray your indoor plants with it...Thats it...! dEAd Bugs!

It is July. Started this cutting about a month ago...Plan to plant it in the ground next spring(after re potting a few times. Or fall, if the roots take easy to the potting.

As your plant grows, get more roots and begins to grow new leaves. Re pot into a larger pot, leave in a larger container. Move to an unheated, non air conditioned sheltered area with lots on sun light! I find watering from bottom works best. Best time to plant would be next spring.

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