Sunday 28 July 2013

How To Measure A Crochet Gauge By Niftynnifer

~Getting the exact gauge a pattern asks for can be a challenge, and sometimes feel impossible.
For a better understanding of my Crochet Patterns, please refer to my-special-crochet-abbreviations.

 Everyone crochets differently, and with different tensions. One day a designer may feel less relaxed and comfortable, leaving their crochet project much tighter then average days, when they can relax and crochet. 

Always start with the yarn and hook the gauge asks for. If changing the yarn, you most likely will have to change hook size as well.

For example: 
13 hdc  per 4 inches
and 7 rows per inch
Using Red Heart Comfort and a 4.5mm hook.

Start by making a square swatch in the st the gauge asks for. 
Make the swatch at least an extra inch or two in size.

Measure how many hdc's are in 4 inches.
I see 13.
Measure how many rows are in 4 inches.
I see 9.

If you do not get the required gauge, try another hook size. 
If your pattern asks for sc or dc instead of hdc, then make your swatch in dc or sc..ex.

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